Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with #MyAsianAmericanVoice: Camly Nguyen

Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with #MyAsianAmericanVoice: Camly Nguyen | Delicora Jewelry

Delicora celebrates Asian American Pacific Islander Month collaborating with AAPI founders and creators. Check out Camly Nguyen's story highlighted in our #MyAsianAmericanVoice blog. 

Camly Nguyen

Occupation: Associate Director of Data and Analytics at LA Promise Fund
Heritage: Vietnamese American
My Story: Both my parents are Vietnamese refugees, and to say their stories have shaped me would be minimizing their immense influence on my life. Though we don't always see eye to eye, their journey and sacrifices have ingrained a deep sense of compassion and love for the greater Asian American community. My father was POW during the Vietnam war being captured by the Viet Cong, but in spite of that reality he's one of the humblest people I know. Having found a business that he ran for over 20 years to put my brother and me through school, and simply living life as fully as he could. My work ethic comes from him; watching him work 6 days a week for 12+ hours a day. While my compassion comes from my mom; to say she's a kind soul doesn't capture the beauty of her spirit. Growing up my mom would keep old jackets and $1 bills in her wallet often for the purpose of giving to those who were less fortunate. I remember my mom making me hand those things to homeless people in our community; as a child I didn't realize the impact that would have on me as I grew up.

I grew up in greater LA in the San Fernando Valley, and my family was relatively middle class. We weren't rich, but I never felt like I lacked. Even though we lived in a little condo my entire life, and to this day I remember giving my cross streets to a classmate and hearing them call it "the ghetto." Those things didn't define me, but in fact made me grateful for parents who made sure I had a roof over me, food on the table, and gratitude for the life I was given. The combination of my parents story and upbringing have made me the person I am now.

I now work full-time for a non-profit where "we believe that education remains one of the most powerful tools to break century-old cycles of oppression, violence and poverty for students, their families, and communities." We serve greater Los Angeles with a focus in South LA, and for me that passion to seek change and the hard work behind it is a combination of my parents' influence. I think the idea of being "proud" is complex in the sense that many Asian American are taught to have humility. I think I'm proud to be a person who personal goals align with impacting our larger community; I'm proud that in spite of the cards I was dealt I still seek justice in all I do. I believe each of us is meant to be on this Earth to create change and impact; whatever that looks like for each of us is different.

Favorite Asian Snack Brands: Fly By Jing. I put there chili oil on everything!
Favorite Asian Fashion Brands: Joseph and Stacey; their bags are so contemporary chic and fun!
Favorite Asian Beauty Brands: Skylar has been my go to perfume brand for years. I have gone through 2 bottles of their "Vanilla Sky"
Favorite Delicora Made for Jade Piece: Hao Jade Tier Huggies they are simple, fun, but so unique

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